A collection of recent articles featuring the cemetery:

Look Up! Furness chapel survives at Mt. Sinai Cemetery January 20, 2015

"Look Up" is a PlanPhilly feature that encourages appreciation of our architectural and historical environment. The photo essays focus on a different Philadelphia area neighborhood and its distinctive building styles and details, all of which make up the physical fabric of the city and region.

A Lost Furness Chapel And The Stories It Tells October 27, 2014

Frank Furness’ Mount Sinai Chapel and Mortuary way out in Frankford? Never heard of it. Laura Teller, whose Jewish family dates back to Civil War era Philadelphia, tipped me off to it recently. For an architect, this was a fascinating discovery, like finding the lost edition of a rare book or a never-released musical recording.

Spotlight on the Districts: Famous Architects in Frankford September 4, 2012

Frankford is lucky to host one of the other twelve remaining Furness buildings in Philadelphia. Mt. Sinai Cemetery Chapel, built in 1892 at Bridge and Cottage Streets, is a subdued (for Furness) stone chapel that features circular Moorish window and door openings, Arts & Craft eaves, and a radiating corrugated stone design around the main entrance.

Wikimedia Commons - Mortuary Chapel Mt Sinai Cemetery 1891-92