Mt. Sinai Cemetery Association of Pennsylvania was incorporated by the Philadelphia Courts as The Mount Sinai Cemetery Association of Pennsylvania and its charter was signed and recorded on June 9, 1854. The Preamble of the original charter states that “…we should prepare proper and suitable places for the burial and repose of our kindred when they shall have departed this life: places, where love friendship and pious enthusiasm may find expression in the embellishment of the tomb; places, to which, from the busy throng, we may turn aside and meditate in silence over the grave...”


President: David A. Blumenthal
Vice President: Stephen Schachman, Esq.
Secretary: Judith Hahn Kramer


Max M. Berger
Edward M. Fernberger, Jr.
Emily B. Fernberger
Andy Kahan
Mitchell F. Kramer
Neil C. Schur
Laura Teller