View of Mt. Sinai Cemetery with various gravestones and monuments surrounded by green grass and trees with autumn foliage in the background.

Select the approach that accommodates your requirements and preferences

We offer a range of choices that allow individuals and their families to express their own religious, cultural, and personal preferences.

Burial Policies at Mt. Sinai Cemetery

Mt. Sinai is not aligned with any specific synagogue and accepts Jews of every sect (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Unaffiliated). Non-Jewish spouses or other immediate relatives of Jewish lot holders may also be buried here. Mt. Sinai does not require vault or coffin liners, making us an appropriate place for Orthodox Jews and for those seeking a greener approach to interment. The Tranquility Garden supports natural burial, as well. We also accept those who have chosen cremation.

Lot Purchase at Mt. Sinai Cemetery

A variety of graves and family lots are available for sale.
For more information on lot purchases, please call Judith Hahn Kramer, (215) 886-8430, or email